About Us

Memory Clearance (MC) is an IT hardware provider dealing in refurbished, used (including EOL - End of Life), and new equipment from all major IT hardware brands.

Memory Clearance (MC) has been in the IT hardware business for over a decade now. What started as a PC and Server memory-focused brand evolved into one of the leading IT hardware providers in the USA with 400,000+ products from global brands like Crucial, Samsung, Micron, Kingston, Hynix, Dell, HP, Lenovo, IBM, and others.

We believe in offering proactive customer service to our extensive customer base. Our category experts are available around the clock to help you decide on the right product as per your need and requirement. We can also help you choose an alternate for End of Life or discontinued products. 

Our large supplier base allows us to offer you the best product at the lowest prices in the market. We believe in going a few extra miles with you by providing the after-sales service upon request.

The products you buy from us go through extensive testing before being shipped.

If you don’t find the product as per your order, you can return the product with the easiest 14-Day (we try to process it as soon as possible) return policy. We keep our customers updated with each step throughout the return process and ensure a smooth transition. 




To become a reliable name in the IT hardware market by providing a state-of-the-art e-commerce experience and customer services in the USA.



To become a global brand with a strong eco-system of IT hardware equipment offering a flawless e-commerce experience and helping build quality IT infrastructures.