400 Watts

The 400-watt power supply is a reliable and efficient power source for computers with powerful graphics cards. It supports modern dual-core CPU designs and facilitates connections to PCI Express and SATA devices. The power supply has a continuous power output of 400W, which ensures consistent performance. It is equipped with a built-in 120 mm fan for effective cooling during high-speed operation. The fan's efficiency is maintained by a speed monitoring controller that adjusts according to the temperature of the components. The power supply comes with a wide range of cables, allowing connection up to 9 devices. It incorporates various protections and an active PFC filter to safeguard components from damage and ensure a stable power supply with minimal interference. The 400W PSU includes a selection of plugs and offers dual 12V power rails, providing broad compatibility. It is one of the best PSUs designed to deliver reliable power to AMD or Intel CPU-based systems. The features of the 400-watt power supply include a continuous power output of 400W, a built-in 120 mm fan for cooling, a wide range of cables for connecting up to 9 devices, various protections, and an active PFC filter, a diverse selection of plugs, dual 12V power rails and compatibility with 20/24 pin motherboard connections.

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