250 Watts

The 250-watt power supply is a compact and advanced adapter used in mini and media PC systems. It is built to the latest construction standards, ensuring high performance and stability. The 250w power supply features a 4-pin connector, MOLEX connector, 3 x SATA connectors, and a universal 24-pin motherboard connector. It is also 80 PLUS® compatible, which means it is highly efficient, with at least 80% of the energy provided to computer components and a maximum of 20% lost as heat. This efficiency ensures effective power delivery, contributing to stable operation and reliability of parts. The power supply is cooled by an efficient and silent 8 cm fan. The cables are 36 cm long, which is optimised for small and medium-sized cases. The power supply is made of durable galvanised steel, which offers long-lasting quality. The 250w psu also includes vital protectors (OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, SCP, UVP) and an active PFC filter, which safeguards the motherboard, processor, and other components while maintaining interference-free operation. It is the best psu that meets current requirements and modern standards. The benefits of using the 250-watt power supply are efficiency, vital protectors, noiseless operation, and energy optimization.