Micron MT8JTF12864AZ-1G4D1 1GB DDR3-1333MHz non-ECC Unbuffered CL9 UDIMM 1R Memory Module

Price: $47.03

Manufacturer: Micron

Mfr. Part#: MT8JTF12864AZ-1G4D1

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Enhance the performance of your system using high-speed desktop memory. Crafted to facilitate smooth multitasking and rapid data transfer, these memory modules deliver the necessary power to tackle any task. This memory incorporates advanced DDR 3 technology, boasting a capacity of 1GB. Ideal for running resource-intensive applications and effortlessly multitasking, it guarantees unmatched responsiveness and exceptional speed of up to 1333MHz. Along with its 240-Pin pin layout, it guarantees swift and reliable communication between the various components of your computer. Made for everyday usage, this non-ECC module grants swift data access and accelerates data transfer rates.

Standard Features:
  • The 1GB capability excels in running resource-intensive applications and multitasking efficiently.
  • With DDR 3 technology, it guarantees rapid data transfer speeds which are essential for seamless business operations.
  • Equipped with 240-Pin pins, it enables efficient and reliable communication among different components.
  • It delivers exceptional performance, reaching speeds of up to 1333MHz .
  • The non-ECC memory ensures swift data access and enhanced transfer rates.

  • Increased performance:

    1GB Desktop Memory provides faster data transfer rates and improved performance, which means your computer can handle more demanding applications with ease. This can lead to Faster boot times, Faster application loading times, and Smoother overall performance.

    Improved Ability to Multitask:

    The capacity 1GB and a 240-Pin pins layout of this memory module increases productivity and can get more done in less time by working on multiple projects at once. It also improves efficiency, you can save time by switching between tasks quickly and easily.

    Improved System Stability:

    This DDR 3 innovation boosts the stability of the system. By delivering ample memory capacity it effectively mitigates system crashes, freezes, and other instability concerns. As a result, users can enjoy a seamless and dependable computing experience enabling them to work, play, and multitask without any interruptions. This enhancement significantly enhances overall productivity.

    General Information

    Shipping Weight0.1 lb
    Sku ConditionRefurbished
    Supported Device
    • Desktop
    Package TypeRetail
    Product TypeRAM
    Package Quantity1
    Memory Capacity1 GB
    Memory Technology
    • DDR3 SDRAM
    RAM Speed1333 MHz
    RAM StandardDDR3-1333/PC3-10600
    Error IdentifyingNon-ECC
    Column Access Strobe (CAS)CL9
    Signal Type
    • Unbuffered
    RAM Genre
    • DIMM
    Quantity of Pins240-pin
    Eco FriendlyYes
    Assembly RequiredYes
    Quantity of Modules
    • 1 x 1 GB